Qatar Cycling Adventures

A night under the stars With Eid AlAdha approaching and the weather cooling to a mere 40 degrees, what better time to plan another micro-adventure and this time to do something I've been dying to do for a long time - sleep in the desert under the stars. After little sleep and an aching back,... Continue Reading →

Camel heaven pt 2: Bath Time!

After spending some time at the races, we jumped into the car and followed behind Mohammed Islam in his pick-up, as he headed towards his stables.  It really is an entire Camel city in the middle of the desert.  Row after row, block after block, dusty alley after dusty alley of stables for the camels,... Continue Reading →

Going to camel heaven

I've made no secret of the fact that I adore camels.  They're full of character, have the cutest faces with big eyes, long eye lashes and full lips which curl and flap into the funniest shapes or simply hang in gormless contemplation.  Buts its not this that really attracts me - its their nature -... Continue Reading →

The Seven Wonders of Jordan

Tonight I am in Jordan, sitting in The Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp with bedu boys around a camp fire, drinking sweet tea, talking a little arabic and feeling right at home!  Its my last night in Petra after spending a few days in Jordan on my way back to Doha from the UK and yet... Continue Reading →

Commuting in Qatar….. pedal power

When I first came to Qatar, one of the things I missed the most was cycling.  For several years, I'd been a committed commuter cyclist in London. I'd grown to love the daily dodge and weave through the London traffic, going into battle with taxis, buses and delivery drivers, all vying for position at traffic... Continue Reading →

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