Going to camel heaven

I've made no secret of the fact that I adore camels.  They're full of character, have the cutest faces with big eyes, long eye lashes and full lips which curl and flap into the funniest shapes or simply hang in gormless contemplation.  Buts its not this that really attracts me - its their nature -... Continue Reading →

The Seven Wonders of Jordan

Tonight I am in Jordan, sitting in The Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp with bedu boys around a camp fire, drinking sweet tea, talking a little arabic and feeling right at home!  Its my last night in Petra after spending a few days in Jordan on my way back to Doha from the UK and yet... Continue Reading →

Commuting in Qatar….. pedal power

When I first came to Qatar, one of the things I missed the most was cycling.  For several years, I'd been a committed commuter cyclist in London. I'd grown to love the daily dodge and weave through the London traffic, going into battle with taxis, buses and delivery drivers, all vying for position at traffic... Continue Reading →

My first Qatar National Day

Now my hotel is not a particularly busy one, so for most of the time I have a pretty peaceful existence, especially at night as I rarely have someone in the room next door – other than during the big holiday periods when Saudi families come to Doha for weekend breaks.   Their children are lively... Continue Reading →

The deceptive power of the thobe

Having been in the Middle East for 8 months now, I should really talk about the Thobe - the traditional male dress in this part of the world. There is certainly a magical power attached to this simple garment and the head dress which accompanies it.  It seems to give the men who wear it... Continue Reading →

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