The other victims of 9/11

We all remember how blue the sky above Manhattan was on September 11th 2001.  Who can forget the scenes we witnessed live on our TV screens around the world on that beautiful autumn day?  It was a rare moment among only a few that we can recall so clearly, remembering exactly where we were and... Continue Reading →

The castle and camels of Nizwa, Oman

Located approximately 90 minutes southwest of Muscat, and surrounded by date palm plantations, the historic market town of Nizwa has become one of Oman’s top tourist hotspots.  I arranged for Ahmed, my Omani friend and guide, to take me on a day trip to the country’s former capital, once famous for its Islamic conservatism.  These... Continue Reading →

It was a dog wot dunnit

After weeks of training, preparation, organisation and fundraising, I was ready. I had one last training ride to do on the day before setting off down to Lands End to start my 1000 mile ride for Yemen. The planning had been exhausting and I was looking forward to finally getting on the road to complete... Continue Reading →

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